Carol Levin

Haggadah Regatta marks my debut as an author & illustrator. My first picture book, A Rosh Hashanah Walk, came out when my kids were small. I was working on large scale oils at the time, not focused on book illustration. Decades later, a raucous seder with grandkids inspired this stomp-along Haggadah. As the story grew, quirky cartoons emerged. Where did the shoes originate? When I was little, I played at my dad’s shoe store and discovered that shoes can take you to amazing places.

My love of storytelling and history led to the publication of The Synagogue Journal: Kane Street Archives 1856 – 2006, an online resource that chronicles the beginnings of the first Jewish congregations in Brooklyn, New York. I am a member of the Brooklyn Jewish Historical Initiative and live in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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