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Spring, 2020

April 4:   Zingerman’s Deli, Ann Arbor, FAMILY FOOD TASTING & seder prep, 5:00 – 6:00 pm (event postponed)

February 24:  Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, Ann Arbor, U-M Study Group, “The Road to Indie Publishing” 1:00 -3:00 pm

Fall, 2019

November 3, 2019:  Detroit Jewish Book Fair, JCC West Bloomfield, Detroit Writes Panel, 10:00 – 11:00 am

Spring, 2019

March 10, 2019:   Haggadah Regatta Book Launch, JCC Ann Arbor, 3:00 – 4:30 pm, Art Exhibit: From Sketch to Final Illustration – Kids Crafts 

March 26, 2019:  Temple Beth El, Bloomfield Hills. Author visit with ECC students

April 7, 2019:  Seder On the Matzah Raft, JCC Ann Arbor, 3:00 – 4:00 pm, Stomp & Shout with the Crew, Art Exhibit: From Sketch to Final Illustration

April 13, 2019:  Book Signing at Nicola’s Books, Westgate Center, Ann Arbor

April 14 2019:   Temple Beth El, Bloomfield Hills, Author visit with K-2 students


          “Haggadah Regatta is a playful and delightfully-illustrated Haggadah that’s perfect for young children and their families. The general concept (a young boy and his goat friend invite ‘all aboard’ a matzah raft that only sails once everyone participates) is creative and engaging. The language of the Haggadah is inviting for non-Jews and Jews alike; creative transliterations of Hebrew prayers and songs mean that anyone can participate, and folks who are less-than confident in their Hebrew language skills will be empowered to participate. The illustrations are charming, creative and celebrate diversity. The Haggadah touches on the most significant moments in a traditional seder, and would be great to use at a seder for young families or as an engaging story for kids in the lead-up to Passover.”

Rabbi Ora Nitkin-Kaner,  Ann Arbor Reconstructionist Congregation

          “Haggadah Regatta written and illustrated by Carol Levin inspires families to engage with the rituals of the Passover seder with dreamy illustrations and many opportunities to join in on the fun. This Haggadah does what so many children’s and family Haggadahs strive for but fail to accomplish; it hits that sweet spot, managing to create a meaningful ritual text while also remaining fun and attractive for the youngest participants attending the family seder. In addition, the clever use of color-coded text lets readers know when it is their cue to join in, and join in they do. Readers are asked to stomp along and call out answers along the way, all illustrated with charming shoes stomping and dancing atop a matzah raft along with a boy and his goat as they traverse the river. While at time, I was looking for the text to rhyme, the careful use of alliteration and rhythm kept the book upbeat and peppy. This was aided by the aforementioned delightful illustration, which serve as their own pun (two kids, get it?)

The thoughtful Hebrew phonetics user guide at the beginning allows everyone the ability to participate meaningfully in the prayers regardless of their familiarity with the language. It was this guide that pointed to the intended audience of Jewish families where comfort with Hebrew is no longer a given. While I would have preferred Hebrew text alongside, I ultimately found the phonetic transliteration to be praise worthy among the Jewish publishing industries that so often marginalize those families with with little or no Hebrew knowledge.

I can imagine many young families using this Haggadah both as a read-aloud introduction to Passover and as their actual family Haggadah during the seder as the book could easily transition between both uses for years to come.”

Jessica DeYoung Kander, Washtenaw Jewish News

          “Carol Levin has created a whimsical Haggadah which young children and their families will enjoy. The  Haggadah is appealing right from the start due to the beautiful illustrations.  Levin draws in participants, calling for them to stomp on the raft to make the seder move along. The main characters are two kids – one, a goat named Too-Zoo-Zeem, and the other, a young child. Levin’s transliteration and key make the Hebrew words accessible to all. This Haggadah is highly recommended for families, preschool classes or as a supplement to a traditional Haggadah, adding art, humor and creativity.” 

Terri Ginsburg, Jewish Educator & Reading Specialist

          ” Seder book perfect for family sharing – Haggadah Regatta is a lyrical and visual delight, sure to be enjoyed by all ages around the Seder table. The easily held paperback format allows for easy use by all participants and the folded end flaps create the perfect bookmark at the point the text instructs us to break for the meal. I am not Jewish, but I am a youth librarian, and I found the text informative and the whimsical illustrations engaging. The frequent call for the children’s participation will keep them engaged throughout.”
N.  Winkler,  Youth Librarian